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Cycle614 Blog



You are probably thinking, "Yeah. Yeah. I know. I know. I drink water during your classes. What could she possibly tell me that I  don't know." Here's the thing. Not everyone does. So, just give me just a sec for a quick reminder to all you educated, wonderful people. 

We want to make sure that you stay hydrated during your ride. So, Guest Services may ask you if you need water. Your instructor may remind you to drink up or give a "Cheers!" during class. I want to make sure that you are all properly hydrating yourself and this starts before class.

How do you know if you are not properly hydrated? I am going to be frank and tell you what I tell my children. Look at your urine. Proper hydration means that your urine is practically clear. (Unless, of course, you are taking special meds or vitamins.) If your urine is cloudy or darker, you are most likely dehydrated.

People, please trust me when I tell you that you NEED water BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your ride at Cycle614! Dehydration not only causes cramps but it also limits your strength and performance. Don't you want the strongest ride eva???!!!

My advice to you is easy and here's the goal: Try to do the following: Drink a bottle of water before class. Drink a bottle of water during class. Finally, drink a bottle of water after class. 

I always tease people and say that "Cycle614 makes dry-fit clothing look like a rip off." Really though, when was the last time you walked out of a class NOT SOAKING WET? You have that special "glow" because of your body's natural cooling system to reduce your body's core temperature. To feel good, you need to replenish that water in your body. If you don't you could suffer from cramping, headaches, nausea, dizziness and exhaustion. So, DRINK UP!

If you should have any questions or concerns, just grab me in the studio and I will be happy to help you.  In the meantime, let's stay healthy and hydrated!

Have a great week!




I realized a few weeks ago that some of you may not understand the directions we (instructors) give you regarding  POWER on the bike. We sometimes use phrases like this "Turn your power to 50% keeping your RPM's between 80-90" or "On a scale of 1-10, you should be at a 5." Do you guys even know what this means? It's okay if you don't. We try to do our best on that podium not only to curate the BEST PLAYLIST EVER, THE BEST WORKOUT EVER, but also really want to give you the BEST INSTRUCTIONS EVER. Sometimes those instructions get lost in translation. Maybe, you think we are speaking a foreign language (hehe). It is important to me that you understand POWER because in giving you an incredible workout, we switch up your POWER and RPM's your entire ride. If you aren't understanding where you are supposed to be percentage wise or gauge wise regarding POWER, you are missing out on what we've planned for you! 

RPM's are easy....right? All you need to do is look up at our BEAT BOARDS and see exactly where you are and gauge it from there. What about POWER? This is a little different. Yes, there is a power column on our BEAT BOARDS, however, it is your present power (with a 3 second delay). So, if your instructor tells you to ride at 50% ...What exactly is YOUR "50%"? For each one of us it may be a little or a lot different. So, let me guide you to figure this out. 

Next time you ride, this is what I want you to do: Once you are all set up on your bike  (you can do this before calibration), turn your red resistance knob all the way to the left (meaning all the way off). While pedaling, start turning the red, resistance knob to the right and count how many turns it takes you until your legs completely STOP spinning. Once your legs completely stop-this is your magic number of "100%" or "10!" (At this point in time, this is as high of power that you can possibly take.)  So, for example, for me, and I am very aggressive in my turns, it takes me 10 big turns (the knob can't turn anymore) for me to be at my 100%. So, I know, that if my instructor wants me riding at 50%, I turn my POWER (my resistance) all the way off and then give myself 5 big turns. Get it? It is okay to turn your "POWER" or "resistance" completely off and turn it back on to the percentage of where your instructor is guiding you to ride. This is what we want you to do! We want you to "back it off" (It being POWER) and slow it down (It meaning RPM's) when we direct you to do so.

The interval training we do at Cycle614 gives you an AMAZING burn. Even when you leave our studio you are burning calories. I usually tell clients you are burning on average 10 calories a minute. Our goals for you are to get stronger-mentally, physically, emotionally! Controlling your POWER is a great way to do this! 

Remember, as always, this is your ride. Just because we say "turn it up" doesn't mean you have to! Our goal is to challenge you and to push you past your comfort zones because that's where we believe amazing things happen!

If you should have any questions, grab me in the studio and I will be happy to help you! In the meantime, I hope everyone has a very HAPPY and HEALTHY week! 





I've been to a lot of classes this week and one thing I've really noticed (Men, you are especially guilty of this) is in positions 1, 2, and 3 your upper body weight is weighing heavy on the handlebars. A lot of you are literally hunched over the handlebars with 1/2 of your weight on top of them. Let me help you! There's good news! You will not only feel better with proper form but you will additonally attain more POWER riding properly! Yay!

In a nutshell, here's my tip: The handlebars are there for balance. 

Are you guilty of putting your weight on the handlebars during your ride? Not sure? Here's what I want you to do:

First, let's look at your set-up! At Cycle614, we recommend that unless you have a super tight core, you ride with your handlebars high. High meaning positions 8-Stop. Your body will be positioned more upright and your waist and spine will be elongated thus easier to keep your shoulders down and back. Now, for those riders who want more of a challenge for your core and have Ironman abs of steel, you can lower your handlebars (we will be happy to help!). I want you to make sure of two things when lowering your handlebars, make sure that you are not rounding your back while you ride. Check yourself. It takes a lot of ab strength to last through a ride with proper form with your handlebars lowered. Finally, (and this is a biggee!) make sure your handlebars are not lower than your bike seat. This will potentially hurt your lower back and potentially your groin (yikes!) Ain't  nobody got time for that!

Now, let's check ourselves in all three positions (Just like my other posts-be body aware during your ride! You do this by checking your body positioning each song and by using our mirrors-that's what they are there for!)

1. POSITION 1-Push your hips back, shoulders back and down, pull your elbows in. Check yourself. Shut your eyes. Check your body. Just use your hands for balance purposes only. 

2. POSITION 2-Open your eyes and stand-up. Now alternate your hands (right/up/left/up/down) on the handlebars. Again, they are strictly there for balance. Is your back straight? or are you hunched over? (Remember-no rounded backs!)

3. POSITION 3-Take your body out to position 3. Here in lies the problem. Even in position 3, your weight should be shifted back behind your knees. You should feel the seat on your tush. Your body is in squat position "glute action ladies" with a slight tuck with your pelvis. Make sure that your back is elongated and that you are not the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hypothetically, you should be able to take your hands off the handlebars (DON'T DO THIS! Remember!-SAFETY FIRST-I DON'T WANT YOU TO BITE IT!) Keep your chest up like a proud marine! This is hard for some of you. Why? Because you are in the progress of strengthening your core. Once your core becomes stronger you will be able to ride with more POWER. Practice makes for progress! We are all progressing together as we ride as a tribe!

If you guys should have any questions, kindly let me know! I will be posting about proper form for push-ups at later date. In the meantime, best wishes for a wonderful week!





Whenever you come to one of our classes you will hear our instructors say "SHOULDERS!" or "Let's get those shoulders down!" Some of you may not know what we mean so I thought that I would take a sec to explain. Very simply put, our instructors are giving you cues for you to check in with your body to make sure you have proper form on the bike. 

Here are my tips to help you with your upper body on the bike:

1. Check yourself. (When I ride, I do this for each new song) Becoming "body aware" is really a gift to yourself. Ask yourself-Do I feel a lot of tension in my shoulders? Are my shoulders up by my ears because of my stress? (You can use our mirrors to see) Do I feel out of alignment (meaning feeling heavier on one side than the other)? Use the mirrors to check yourself. Square your hips and square your shoulders on the bike.

2. BREATHE-It ALWAYS comes back to the breath...doesn't it?! Take a deep inhale through the nose and then exhale through the mouth. DEEP BREATHS help you to release the tension you brought to class that you may additionally be holding in your shoulders so BREATHE...

3. REVERSE SHOULDER SHRUG-Here's the BIG ONE and this is what I want you to do: Take those shoulders up to your ears and reverse them back and down. Literally, be dramatic about it. Now, do it again. A reverse shoulder shrug on the bike is awesome because it allows the muscles in your back contract then relax over and over. While doing this shrug, sit upright and SQUEEZE your abs. The REVERSE SHOULDER SHRUG will help you have proper form on your bike so repeat it as necessary and check in with your body for each song. It may take some practice so do your best to be patient with yourself. Remember: It's not about perfection. It's about PROGRESS!

4. CHEST OUT-Once you have rolled those shoulders back and down towards the ground behind you, I want you to stick your chest out like a proud marine. Have a slight bend in your elbows and you are ready to go! YOU GOT THIS!

I think that it's always cool to learn from your workout and take it into your everyday life...so, here's my spin on it (get it, spin on it..haha):

We, as human beings experience stress everyday. We tend to really carry this stress in our shoulders. Bah. Today, when you are driving your car (yes, your car) notice how you are holding your shoulders when you are stressed. Are your shoulders up towards your ears? Do you have "white knuckles" on the steering wheel from grasping it tightly? Be aware of your body. Check yourself, BREATHE, and give yourself a good REVERSE SHOULDER SHRUG. 



DEMI'S TIP OF THE WEEK-Push your hips back!

Hey friends! I am going to start posting my "TIPS OF THE WEEK" to make your rides better and more POWERFUL! I invite you to become more aware of your body while riding. This can really help you become stronger and more powerful!


The next time that you are in for a ride this is what I want you to do:

POSITION 1-While warming up in position one, your hips should be hinged so rearrange your tush on your seat to make sure that this is true for you. Look down at your feet while spinning and make sure that you can see your toes. Some of you may even need to bring your knees slightly in (I have seen several riders with knees pointed out instead of in neutral position. Clip-ins really help with this) Check yourself every time you come back to position 1. It may take a little time but you will get the hang of it and we will help you every step of the way!

POSITION 2-The next time you ride, check your body's position in 2. Is your weight shifted behind your knees slightly? Or...Are your knees going over your toes? Make sure that you are upright (hands are light on the handlebars) and your abs are TIGHT! Body weight should be behind the knees.

POSITION 3-The next time you ride and go into position 3, I literally want you to take one of your hands and push your hips back. (You should feel your seat tapping your tush)

The purpose of this is twofold. First, SAFETY! You never want your knees over your toes while riding. I repeat "YOU NEVER WANT YOUR KNEES OVER YOUR TOES!" We want you guys to be safe and one of the pleasures of indoor cycling is that it is easy on the joints. Let's take care of our knees!

Second, by pushing your hips back you will be riding in position 3 and not a bent over position two. This will help you take your weight off the handlebars. Additionally, this adjustment will engage your quads, hamstrings and glutes much more efficiently and you will get more POWER! More power makes you STRONGER! WE ALL WANT TO BE STRONGER!

Heres to your health!