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Here's a quick review of good push-up form on the bikes:

1. STANDARD PUSH-UP  (in position 1)-First, don't forget to keep those legs working and have your resistant set to 50% (unless instructed otherwise). Head up! Chest up! Chest goes down and elbows go out to the side. Focus on the body part we are working (which is the chest) and SQUEEZE!

2. STANDARD PUSH-UP (in position 3)-I suggest to my classes to have at least 60% resistance on the bike (preferably 70%). Head up! Chest Up! Bringing your chest over the handle bars, keeping your hips pushed back, get in position 3 and lower your chest, allowing your body weight on the handle bars, and push-up squeezing your chest. The goal here is to work the chest while staying balanced and in proper form. A common mistake is not having your hips back enough.

3. TRICEP PUSH-UP (in position1)-Bike set at 50% resistance and just about the same thing here. Head up! Chest up! Except, elbows come in, toward your body and as you lower your chest you push up through your triceps and SQUEEZE! Our goal is to isolate the triceps so when you push up don't forget to squeeze your triceps to increase the burn!

If you have any questions, as always, I'm here to help! Or, you can ask any of our awesome instructors!
Here's to a very Happy and HEALTHY New Year! Thank you for being such a great Fitness Community!





So, I've got a question for you: When you aggressively try to make a lifestyle change, is there something inside of you that wants to rebel? With the New Year coming up, I laugh as I write this because my answer is Yes! Every. Single. Time. 

I decided to dig a little deeper because I certainly knew I wasn't alone in my rebellion and searched the internet. What I found was this-we all have this "harshness, this inner-critic, this contempt for whatever problem is at hand, and at ourselves for having this issue in the first place." (Bah)

I try to be in tune spiritually and believe that life gives us signs. Those signs can help us evolve into better human beings. So, I'd like to share something with you that I hope helps you grow and betters your life.

In the past two months, I've had two of my instructors come to me separately to have a conversation with me about how sick they are of feeling guilted during the holidays by society."I want to move away from the guilt that the holidays bring regarding food, and exercise."Cycle614 is more than that and we need to convey that to our community." "We are about self-love." "We are about more than just losing weight. We are better than that! "Guilting is all over social media." "Why shouldn't I feel okay to indulge in dessert during the holidays?! "We give that guilt to each other and we give that guilt to ourselves." "And for what?...What good does it do?" 

Ironically, that same day, I read an article in the Huffington Post (Sign number 3) in which the author was writing a note to her daughter. She wrote, "Eat your dessert every day. Everyday, have a treat. Not as a reward, but as a privilege. It is an honor to taste, to enjoy, to salivate and dance with sweetness. Don't deny yourself  this privilege. You have a mouth, you have taste buds-use them.

This article is quite beautiful but here's the reality. I am not a girl who can "dance with sweetness." I am the girl who "leaves the dance only to go to the after hour party to dance some more." Are you feeling me?I'm also in the business of fitness, people. I have been a personal trainer for many, many years. People would come to me to transform their bodies and would judge mine. Trust me, if I ate dessert every day it would not be pretty. During the holidays, my goals for my clients and for myself was to stay "in control" and not "over indulge." I do not believe guilt endures I believe consistency and hard work pays off.  I've seen the struggle of the holidays and I feel the struggle. There are a lot of holiday parties! My goals for my clients was always to "maintain their current weight" (i.e. not put on any lbs.) and not miss a workout. It was (and is) my job to motivate and teach by example.

After digesting (no pun intended-haha) all these signs literally thrown at me, I had a realization. I needed to hear and read these words to see the message that I am supposed to learn. I realized that I need to lighten up.  I need to give myself a break from guilt. (There is and always has been so much in the fitness industry). I am not the leanest I have ever been and I'm so fricken hard on myself. This lesson has taught me that I have this inner-critic inside of me who pushes guilt. Not the kind of bully that will guilt you but a destructive inner bully who will guilt me. She makes me feel bad. She blocks me from becoming better. She blocks me from aggressively trying to make lifestyle changes. Well, forget that! It is time for me to get out of my own way!

So, here's what I've decided to do. This year, I am giving myself an amazing present. I am going to tame that beastly inner critic and practice more self-love. I have given that dang bully center stage too many times. I want to aggressively make a lifestyle change that revokes her power "repeatedly, consistently, and respectfully" to better myself. My ultimate goal will be to eliminate those toxic feelings of guilt and negative energy from my life. I want to create a space for myself that is nurturing growth and a life I love that lets love radiate. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Festivus friends! I am again, so very grateful for each and every one of you and wish you a wonderful week! Together, may we tame our inner-critic and radiate peace and love!





My middle son, Patrick, is trying a new sport this season-wrestling. Before Patrick left this morning, I said to him, "Patrick, have courage! You've got this!" You see, over the summer, Patrick broke his leg sliding into third base. It was ugly and quite awful as this poor kid broke his tibia, fibula, and ankle. The child lived in a full cast for most of the summer. Needless to say, he was unable to play any sports for the rest of the summer and this past fall. Here's the thing-Patrick kept a positive attitude the entire time and that deserves  respect.

You see, I believe happiness is a choice. We can choose to be positive people no matter what our circumstances are (it may take a little practice but we can change!). Changing our attitudes can change our lives. If we can change our thought pattern, we can evolve into better, more positive people.

Our attitude effects every aspect of our lives. Here are three things that can help you develop a positive attitude to get your fitness on at Cycle614:

1. Be patient with yourself. The hardest part is sometimes just showing up. Book your bikes for the week and stick to it. "Fail to plan. Plan to Fail." Once you show up, do the best you can for that day. We all have off days. All of us. The super good news is that there are a lot of good people around the studio to cheer you on!

2. Bring a friend. It is so much fun to ride with a friend!  Whether it's your husband, sister, brother, or bestie, you are in it together experiencing life and bettering yourselves. You will walk out of Cycle614 feeling accomplished no matter what. 

3. Once you get on the bike, start with a positive outlook. Quiet that negative voice in your head. Tell yourself, "I am doing everything in my power today to be the best version of me!"

As always, dear Fitness Community, kindly let me know if you have any questions or concerns. In the meantime, "Have courage! You've got this!"





Baby, it's cold outside and at Cycle614, we believe that your greatness is not what you have it's what you give. We also believe that we have the BEST Fitness Community in town and we believe in taking care of one another.

Starting this week, Cycle614 will be having our second annual blanket drive for the Homeless Family Foundation. If you bring in a blanket or a donation of $15, we will thank you by putting a free ride in your account (limit-one free ride per, person). Please make sure your blanket is not only super cozy but adult size and NEW! (No baby blankets, please.) The Cycle614 team will deliver all the blankets and/or donations to the shelter at the beginning of the year. It's a WIN-WIN for all!

One other small thing I like to encourage my friends and family to do (no matter what time of year) is to carry around new, warm socks in their cars. If you are uncomfortable giving cash to the person on the side of the road holding a cardboard sign, hand them a clean pair of warm, dry, socks. That small gesture goes a long way.

Thank you in advance for giving! Cycle614 is about more than being a fitness studio. We are about community. We are about taking care of each other and we are blessed to be surrounded by the best people in town! (You really are!)

Warmest wishes for a wonderful and healthy week!