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So, you are in class warmed up, and your instructor puts on an inspiring, bad ass song and says to you, "For next 3 minutes, I want you to work as hard as you can in the saddle with as much resistance as you can trying to keep a strong cadence because we are going to do our PTP test." We believe at Cycle614 that your ride is about what you want to give! I want to invite you this week to challenge yourself during the PTP "test" and to try your hardest during these three minutes. It will make a difference in your ride!

What is PTP? PTP stands for Personal Threshold Power. At Cycle614 we wanted to supply you with the best technology out there and this is it! In only three minutes, this tool gives you the knowledge of your personal sustainable power wattage. Once the three minutes are up, our system creates five power zones in five different colors. The system calculates PTP as 90% of the highest sustainable power each rider can sustain for the length of the three minute test.

I've had several people come to me and say..."Some people stand up during PTP...aren't we supposed to stay in the saddle?" If you have been around since the beginning of Cycle614, we did just that. We stayed in the saddle for PTP. Well, my friends, we have grown. Cycle614 has evolved. So, my advice to you is this...Listen to your instructor. He or she has planned an AMAZING ride for you. They have put hours into your ride (trust me on this...Your ride means a lot to us!) We don't believe in living in the box. We don't believe that there is a box. We love to switch things up, keep things fresh, and to challenge you! Lucky for us, our technology allows us to do just that! An instructor may even ask you to do your three minute PTP test all in position one. Or all in position three....whaa??? or a mixture of position one and three..It completely depends on the ride that they have planned for you and each instructor may ask you to do something just a little different depending on how they are going to use the PTP screens. So, listen to your instructor, stay focused and just do your best! It's going to be a great ride!

If you should have any questions or concerns, as always, I am here for you! Best wishes for a wonderful week!