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Cycle614 Blog

Here's to Resolution and Growth! Progress Over Perfection!

Hello! Who is ready for 2017? I read a great quote the other day. "Don't stress so much about settling on a path for 2017. The division of time into years is a human invention, and fact is every moment of every day is another opportunity for resolution and growth. So when the fireworks fly, relax and enjoy the moment, the rest will come to you." -Beau Taplin

Doesn't that quote make you breathe a little easier? I have talked with so many of you and I feel like we are all in the same boat. At this point in time, it literally, takes all we've got to eat healthy and to exercise. Some of us are "restarting" our healthy habits now, and, some of us are waiting for the New Year. The end of the year is tough to stay on track in taking care of ourselves and the best thing we can do is give ourselves a big pat on the back when we TRY. 

Because we all have common goals of change for the better, let's start the New Year with this thought: To make change, serious change in our lives, we have to put ourselves first. You've probably heard a flight attendant say to mothers and fathers on airplanes, "In the event of an emergency, you need to put the oxygen mask on first, then on your child." What good are you to your children or to anyone else in your life unless you do that? Same idea applies here. In putting yourself first, you can make a dent in reducing stress and heal patterns that created it. So, whether it's today or January 1st, lets start by practicing self care. Come RIDE with us! Come ROCK with us! Our Cycle614 Family and Fitness Community will love and support you through your journey so that you can leave feeling completely REJUVENATED to be the best version of yourself, you can be! After all, we are in this life together for a reason! We need to remind each other progress over perfection!

Here's to peace of mind, peace in the heart, and peace of soul brought by much love and laughter now and in 2017! It is my hope that my messages in my blog in 2017 will deliver nourishment for your soul. I look forward to seeing your sweet, sweaty faces and in meeting your family and friends!