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Cycle614 Blog

New Experience-Floatation Therapy

One of my resolutions this year is to try some new experiences. My first of the year, was Flotation Therapy.

Do you need to relax? Do you need to reduce your stress? Do you need to reduce anxiety? Do you need to reduce aches and pains from training? Flotation Therapy is a great way to do this! 

Imagine this: A one-person pod, with approximately 10 inches of 94 degree water (the same temperature as our skin); 94 degree air and 1000 lbs. of epsom salt  (You read that correctly. 1000 POUNDS of epsom salt!). I floated for 60 minutes. Ahhh. It was wonderful! The pod is literally more buoyant than the Dead Sea. Now, to achieve the 94 degree air, the pod lid needs to come down. Some of you may be hesitant, but in all honesty, I didn't feel the least bit chlosterphobic so I hope this relieves any anxiety you think you may feel. You do have your choice to keep light on in the pod or to float in total darkness. I had heard that in the dark, you feel like you are "floating in the middle of the ocean." I also heard the experience described as "floating in space." What I found so interesting was that with the air and water the same temperature as my skin, it was as though I became one with the water. Because I was floating, none of my pressure points were touching anything. It was truly amazing. I was able to completely relax. I listened to my breath and I listened to my heartbeat. 

This experience was additionally incredible because it was a great way to tune out of the outside world and chaos of everyday life. It gave me the opportunity to calm my mind; detach from electronics; and enter a meditative state. It additionally reduced my stress and alleviated pain. 

Do you need another reason to try this? Well, The Ohio State University Athletics Teams partnered with The U.S. Air Force a couple of years ago to collect data on performance athletes. There are Flotation Therapy pods inside the Woody Hayes Center and the Air-Force has been collecting data on players to transfer into Special Operation Forces and performance studios. 

I hope everyone has a great week! I can't wait to see you in the studio! Remember, take time for self-care and self-love this week!