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Cycle614 Blog


A Few Etiquette Reminders For Cycle614

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I don't really feel like we ask for much but need to give you a few reminders for us to insure that EVERYONE has a full, WONDERFUL experience at Cycle614.

1. Please check-in at the front desk and put all of your belongings in your locker (which always match your bike number) and hang up your coat. Please do not take your coat and/or gym bags into the Ride Room and lay them on the floor next to your bike. Our Ride Room is dark and this becomes a safety hazard (especially since most of our coats are black). In the event your bag doesn't fit in your locker, we will happily hold it behind the front desk for you;

2. Take this time for yourself to UNPLUG. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN YOUR LOCKER. We get it-You want to take cute pics but please do it before and after your ride and then stick your phone in your locker. No one wants to see your screen light-up in the dark Ride Room. If you work in the medical field or anticipate an emergency, please leave your phone with Guest Services and we will come get you; 

3. PLEASE DO NOT TALK DURING CLASS. Leaning over to your friend saying, "I LOVE this song!" is different than making weekend plans. You're smart. You get it; and 

4. If you are meeting your friend for their first time at Cycle614 it is really important that they arrive 15 minutes early to be set up. If new riders show up late, in order to SAFELY get them set up we will need to reschedule their first ride to when they can arrive earlier. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding!