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Join Alessandra's Wellness Challenge!

Alessandra, Indoor Cycling Instructor at Cycle614 in Columbus, OH

Alessandra is a health educator who has worked with private clients and doctors to guide patients to achieve optimal wellness.


Back by Popular Demand!

Feel better, know more and stop letting the winter get the best of you! Create a healthier body. Forget the fad diets and learn tools to master a new healthier lifestyle.  

What to Expect:

  • The Challenge runs 4 weeks from Monday, 1/30 through Sunday, 2/26
  • Get Sunday & Wednesday grocery lists, as well as the prep-work explained
  • Emails/Texts throughout each week:
  • 3 video workouts for cross-training (Per Youtube or Private Facebook Page)
  • 6 approved recipes a day (choose 3!)
  • Fun wellness facts and challenges
  • Sunday/Wednesday check-in (struggles and achievements)
  • Healthier options for your favorite indulgences
  • What to order at your favorite restaurants
  • How to drink smart... WHAT?!


You get all this for $139.