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The Beat Board at Cycle614

The Cycle614 experience is all about you.  From the moment you walk in until you walk out completely rejuvenated, it’s your performance!  It’s your hard work!  It’s your sweat!  And to make it the best experience possible, Cycle614 is equipping your ride with awesome technology that sets a new standard for indoor cycling.  


You have fitness goals - losing weight, getting toned, getting faster, increasing power, getting stronger.  Most workouts don’t tell you if you are hitting these goals.  Life is too short.  You want to be as efficient as possible!


Good news!  Our fitness community deserves the best.  So, we have the best bikes on the market.  Each Cycle614 bike is equipped with a computer which tells you how hard you are working, how fast you are pedaling and how much energy you have used.   Cool?!  Right?!


Plus, we’ve added a little something to our computers. Our studio will feature two “Beat Boards.”


Um, say whattt?!?!


Our “Beat Boards” are large screens that display a leader board a few times during each class.  So, if you’re the competitive type, you can opt in to see how you rank against other riders.


How completely awesome is that?!?!


Compete against your family, friends, and other members of our fitness community.  You are only identified by a bike number and it’s strictly optional. So, if you want to keep your performance to yourself that is absolutely fine.  Absolutely no pressure.  However, if you want to give our Beat Boards a try, even our most private riders have found them to be incredibly motivating.


Wait, there’s more. We have one more surprise!  Yay!  (We love surprising you!)  Cycle614 captures your performance metrics and we post it in your private account.  It’s real time data.  As soon as class is over, you can log on and see your stats - like how fast and how strong you rode. You can see how this compares to your previous rides and how you rank against other riders.  You can see metrics for RPM’s, Torq, Speed, Power, Distance and even calories burned.  This allows you to set your own goals and measure your performance over time.


So, it’s time to shoot for the moon and have the ride of your life!  In the meantime, leave the rest to us and we will let you know how you are doing!