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Cycle614 Blog

How to Make The Most Of Your Ride at Cycle614

Hey Fitness Community! This is the trainer coming out in me as I want to give you all some reminders and tips for good form on our bikes:

1. "CELEBRATE"...(Kool and the Gang)...but really I mean "CALIBRATE"...(haha)

Before you get on your bike. Repeat. BEFORE you get on your bike please press the middle button on the console 2x; turn the resistance down to zero by turning the resistance knob all the way to the left; press the middle button again; wait 15 seconds to calibrate the bike. It's that easy and you will get a more accurate read on your performance and on the Beat Boards. If you should need any help, please let Guest Services or the Instructor know and they will be happy to help you.

2. "Hold on Loosely" (38 Special)

Although it may feel like the bike is going derail and shoot across the room (haha), trust me. It's not! Don't grip the handlebars tightly. We want no white knuckles! This really takes away from your performance. So stop putting your weight on the handle bars and focus on keeping your core tight and keeping your weight over your midsection, glutes and quads. You got this!

3. "RELAX...DON'T DO IT..." (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)

I'm seeing this a lot: shoulders up by the ears, locked elbows, necks super tense. Yikes! This is your time to chill AND kick some ass! Let's take a deep cleansing breath and relax those shoulders and roll them back (loosen up peeps!), relax the bend in your elbows and keep your neck nice and long. Focus your energy on your lower body as we, of course, want you to get the most out of your ride! A good way to practice off the bike is while you are driving your car. Really focus on relaxing your shoulders. Let go of that tension! Women especially hold a lot of stress in their shoulders so make it a habit to practice this daily as it will help you with any aches and pains you may be experiencing. Especially, if you sit behind a computer all day!

4. "Burn Baby Burn...Disco Inferno" (The Trammps)

Our classes are a lot of fun and part of the fun is using weights on the bike. While you are lifting, make sure NOT to round your back. Really focus on keeping your core tight the entire time you lift. You will also want to focus on the "squeeze" of what specific muscle we are engaging during the ride. In other words, if we are doing tricep kick-backs focus on 2 things-keeping your core tight and squeezing your triceps. Burn, baby, burn!

5. "Turn It Up" (Ciara)

Slacking on resistance is a no-no. Our rockstar instructors will tell you that your ride is what you make of it. Isn't that what makes indoor cycling awesome for everyone of all ages and different levels of fitness?! The thing is, you need to make sure that your hips aren't bouncing all over the place with no resistance at all. This is unsafe can lead to hip and knee problems and no one wants that! So let's turn it up!

6. "Push it" (Salt-n-Pepa) Oh! and don't forget pull it

Your pedal rotation is important. That's why we have cages and clips. The rotation of your legs isn't about how hard you can hammer through the ball of your foot but the power you exert as you bring your foot back around. Think about it for a sec. If you focus on eliminating the pause at the bottom of your pedal stroke and drive your knee up and out to complete your rotation, you will have more power as well as a better leg workout by engaging your hamstrings. We are actually engaging the most muscle, hence the most power when our rotation is at 3:00.

7. "Skinny Love" (Bon Iver) (This is my favorite song to chill to...I know, I'm stretching it haha)

This is easy. Don't skip the stretching at the end of class. Give me a sec to explain why. First of all, it really is kind of rude to your instructor and your fellow riders. Walking across the room, wiping down your bike, opening the door, kind of ruins your fellow riders moment of zen. Second, you know how your hip flexors feel a bit cranky as soon as you get off the bike? Or maybe your shoulders are aching (even though you are trying your best to relax), or quads are burning when you have silently yelled "Shut up Legs" during the class? Stay for the stretching. Stretch a little more before you leave. We additionally have a foam roller you are more than welcome to use. Oh! and for those of you who continue to ride during the stretch, don't worry about burning those extra few calories by continuing to ride. Trust me as a trainer, you need to stretch as well! Your future self will thank you!

Here's to 2015 being a great ride! Happy Holidays to all!



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