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DEMI'S TIP OF THE WEEK-Push your hips back!

Hey friends! I am going to start posting my "TIPS OF THE WEEK" to make your rides better and more POWERFUL! I invite you to become more aware of your body while riding. This can really help you become stronger and more powerful!


The next time that you are in for a ride this is what I want you to do:

POSITION 1-While warming up in position one, your hips should be hinged so rearrange your tush on your seat to make sure that this is true for you. Look down at your feet while spinning and make sure that you can see your toes. Some of you may even need to bring your knees slightly in (I have seen several riders with knees pointed out instead of in neutral position. Clip-ins really help with this) Check yourself every time you come back to position 1. It may take a little time but you will get the hang of it and we will help you every step of the way!

POSITION 2-The next time you ride, check your body's position in 2. Is your weight shifted behind your knees slightly? Or...Are your knees going over your toes? Make sure that you are upright (hands are light on the handlebars) and your abs are TIGHT! Body weight should be behind the knees.

POSITION 3-The next time you ride and go into position 3, I literally want you to take one of your hands and push your hips back. (You should feel your seat tapping your tush)

The purpose of this is twofold. First, SAFETY! You never want your knees over your toes while riding. I repeat "YOU NEVER WANT YOUR KNEES OVER YOUR TOES!" We want you guys to be safe and one of the pleasures of indoor cycling is that it is easy on the joints. Let's take care of our knees!

Second, by pushing your hips back you will be riding in position 3 and not a bent over position two. This will help you take your weight off the handlebars. Additionally, this adjustment will engage your quads, hamstrings and glutes much more efficiently and you will get more POWER! More power makes you STRONGER! WE ALL WANT TO BE STRONGER!

Heres to your health!



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Bruce C.
Bruce C.
I love cycling and this is the best way of exercising also keeps your body fit, strong and healthy. The explanations you have described bestessays point are wise and really enlightening. I must consider these while riding the next time.