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I've been to a lot of classes this week and one thing I've really noticed (Men, you are especially guilty of this) is in positions 1, 2, and 3 your upper body weight is weighing heavy on the handlebars. A lot of you are literally hunched over the handlebars with 1/2 of your weight on top of them. Let me help you! There's good news! You will not only feel better with proper form but you will additonally attain more POWER riding properly! Yay!

In a nutshell, here's my tip: The handlebars are there for balance. 

Are you guilty of putting your weight on the handlebars during your ride? Not sure? Here's what I want you to do:

First, let's look at your set-up! At Cycle614, we recommend that unless you have a super tight core, you ride with your handlebars high. High meaning positions 8-Stop. Your body will be positioned more upright and your waist and spine will be elongated thus easier to keep your shoulders down and back. Now, for those riders who want more of a challenge for your core and have Ironman abs of steel, you can lower your handlebars (we will be happy to help!). I want you to make sure of two things when lowering your handlebars, make sure that you are not rounding your back while you ride. Check yourself. It takes a lot of ab strength to last through a ride with proper form with your handlebars lowered. Finally, (and this is a biggee!) make sure your handlebars are not lower than your bike seat. This will potentially hurt your lower back and potentially your groin (yikes!) Ain't  nobody got time for that!

Now, let's check ourselves in all three positions (Just like my other posts-be body aware during your ride! You do this by checking your body positioning each song and by using our mirrors-that's what they are there for!)

1. POSITION 1-Push your hips back, shoulders back and down, pull your elbows in. Check yourself. Shut your eyes. Check your body. Just use your hands for balance purposes only. 

2. POSITION 2-Open your eyes and stand-up. Now alternate your hands (right/up/left/up/down) on the handlebars. Again, they are strictly there for balance. Is your back straight? or are you hunched over? (Remember-no rounded backs!)

3. POSITION 3-Take your body out to position 3. Here in lies the problem. Even in position 3, your weight should be shifted back behind your knees. You should feel the seat on your tush. Your body is in squat position "glute action ladies" with a slight tuck with your pelvis. Make sure that your back is elongated and that you are not the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hypothetically, you should be able to take your hands off the handlebars (DON'T DO THIS! Remember!-SAFETY FIRST-I DON'T WANT YOU TO BITE IT!) Keep your chest up like a proud marine! This is hard for some of you. Why? Because you are in the progress of strengthening your core. Once your core becomes stronger you will be able to ride with more POWER. Practice makes for progress! We are all progressing together as we ride as a tribe!

If you guys should have any questions, kindly let me know! I will be posting about proper form for push-ups at later date. In the meantime, best wishes for a wonderful week!




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