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I realized a few weeks ago that some of you may not understand the directions we (instructors) give you regarding  POWER on the bike. We sometimes use phrases like this "Turn your power to 50% keeping your RPM's between 80-90" or "On a scale of 1-10, you should be at a 5." Do you guys even know what this means? It's okay if you don't. We try to do our best on that podium not only to curate the BEST PLAYLIST EVER, THE BEST WORKOUT EVER, but also really want to give you the BEST INSTRUCTIONS EVER. Sometimes those instructions get lost in translation. Maybe, you think we are speaking a foreign language (hehe). It is important to me that you understand POWER because in giving you an incredible workout, we switch up your POWER and RPM's your entire ride. If you aren't understanding where you are supposed to be percentage wise or gauge wise regarding POWER, you are missing out on what we've planned for you! 

RPM's are easy....right? All you need to do is look up at our BEAT BOARDS and see exactly where you are and gauge it from there. What about POWER? This is a little different. Yes, there is a power column on our BEAT BOARDS, however, it is your present power (with a 3 second delay). So, if your instructor tells you to ride at 50% ...What exactly is YOUR "50%"? For each one of us it may be a little or a lot different. So, let me guide you to figure this out. 

Next time you ride, this is what I want you to do: Once you are all set up on your bike  (you can do this before calibration), turn your red resistance knob all the way to the left (meaning all the way off). While pedaling, start turning the red, resistance knob to the right and count how many turns it takes you until your legs completely STOP spinning. Once your legs completely stop-this is your magic number of "100%" or "10!" (At this point in time, this is as high of power that you can possibly take.)  So, for example, for me, and I am very aggressive in my turns, it takes me 10 big turns (the knob can't turn anymore) for me to be at my 100%. So, I know, that if my instructor wants me riding at 50%, I turn my POWER (my resistance) all the way off and then give myself 5 big turns. Get it? It is okay to turn your "POWER" or "resistance" completely off and turn it back on to the percentage of where your instructor is guiding you to ride. This is what we want you to do! We want you to "back it off" (It being POWER) and slow it down (It meaning RPM's) when we direct you to do so.

The interval training we do at Cycle614 gives you an AMAZING burn. Even when you leave our studio you are burning calories. I usually tell clients you are burning on average 10 calories a minute. Our goals for you are to get stronger-mentally, physically, emotionally! Controlling your POWER is a great way to do this! 

Remember, as always, this is your ride. Just because we say "turn it up" doesn't mean you have to! Our goal is to challenge you and to push you past your comfort zones because that's where we believe amazing things happen!

If you should have any questions, grab me in the studio and I will be happy to help you! In the meantime, I hope everyone has a very HAPPY and HEALTHY week! 




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