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You may hear our instructors say "What are your goals?" "What are you riding for" and/or "Have you set your intention?" I ask in all honesty, do you guys understand what we mean? 

I feel like we all have a clear understanding of goals as we set short term and long term. We set goals at work; Goals at home. Goals for weight loss; (Goals to burn enough calories to be able to have pizza and beer or wine and cheese...haha...right?!) One thing that is really cool about Cycle614 and makes goal setting easier, is that you get your stats after every ride. Those stats are a great tool to help you set your goals on the bike. For example, when I schedule my rides I compare my stats from the previous weeks.  and on one day maybe set my goal to beat my highest power from the past week and then maybe the  next Sometimes I set my goal to beat my power. Another ride I may set my goal to beat my miles...we have so many options. I have to say that seeing the estimated amount of calories I burned sooooo satisfying! Don't you?!  Two things to  keep in mind, is that this is an estimate. We use weights on the bike which don't count in the calculated burn. Good news! Right?! Well, I have more :) The estimate additionally does not count your after-burn from interval training when you leave. Yay! All good news. When people ask me how many calories someone typically burns on the bike, my reply from all of my studies is "10 calories per minute." 

Do you know how to set your intention for your ride? Intention, of course,  being different than your goal(s). Did you know that by setting your intention that you can actually link your ride to the important things in your life. I believe that setting intention takes your ride to the next level! Are you ready?

First, let's start with the the definition of intention: INTENTION: an aim or a plan (a determination); healing of a wound. I feel like we all need a plan and we all need to heal our wounds. True story. I set my intent during my warmup or if I'm rushing in during the first song of my ride. I take a few deep breaths and do the following: 

First, I find something I'm grateful for. Even in the most stressful of times we can always find something to be grateful for. I have found that being grateful interrupts any anxiety II may be experiencing. It also shows me what I value. I invite you to seize this brief moment in your day to take just a few breaths and give thanks.

The second thing I do is give forgiveness. First, I ask for forgiveness, mindfully, and I forgive myself. This is a biggie. We are all soooo hard on ourselves. Aren't we?! I'm not perfect-far from it. The next thing I do is forgive others who have wronged me. I forgive big things. I forgive small things. True story: the other day before my ride,I had a woman almost hit my car and it was her dumbs fault. When I honked, she flipped me off.  Here's the irony. She had a big NAMASTE sticker on her SUV. Haha NAMASTE...BEOTCH. Aren't people special?! That's the kind of stuff that is annoying in life. It pisses us off and it adds up if we don't let it go. It doesn't matter if little things stress you out or big things. Stress is a killer and forgiveness is a gift to yourself. It is proven to release stress. I repeat, forgiveness is a gift. Take this brief moment in your day to forgive and let it go. 

The last thing I do is focus on guidance. I ask myself mindfully questions like...What do I need at this moment to make life happier? Do I need help?  Who can help me?  In this last step we need to be able to let go of our ego. It's half the battle. Trust me. It's not always easy but we need to realize that we can't get through this this thing called life by ourselves. We all need help sometimes. (It literally takes a whole friggen village in my life to help me!)  Again, the purpose of setting intention is to link your ride to the important things in your life. To be able to grow. To be able to dig deep to be better. When we are better, we make the world a better place. 

Finally, what are you riding for? That is a question you need to ask yourself. I believe no matter what our fitness level, no matter what our body type, we are riding to better ourselves. The Cycle614 Fitness Community embraces this thought that we are all growing. We are all trying to become the best versions of ourselves. We are all authentic and we are all in the process of learning to know, accept and love ourselves on all levels. Including the days that we need to be patient and not judge ourselves if we just don't have it in us to maintain or reach our goals. We need to pat ourselves on our backs for trying and for not giving up!

All of these ideas, goals, intent, etc. take thought. There are days where all of the above is just too much... So, I will share a little secret with you. On the days I am just mentally wiped, I simply dedicate my ride to someone. Easy. Peasy. I may dedicate my ride someone who is sick, for example; or the new rider next to me that may be scared shitless. Regardless, in doing this, we put good energy out there and the world needs it! "Why? Because we can!"

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I am very grateful for each and everyone of you!




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