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DEMI'S TIP OF THE WEEK-Watch your posture!

Often times you will see me sneak into classes and ride. Not only do I do this for my health benefit but I do it for yours as well.  You see, being co-owner, I always look for ways to make your ride better, to make our studio better, and to make your overall experience better. After all, Mark and I both care about and are very grateful for each and every one of you!

This week's post is dedicated to your back posture on the bike and in everyday life. The last time I rode, I saw that a lot of you had really rounded backs on the bike. You may not even be aware that you are riding like this so I want to bring it to your attention.

I found your form especially poor in position three so I want you to double check yourself. Next time you ride and move your body into position three,  I want you to stick your chest out like a proud marine, roll your shoulders back and down and engage your abs while pushing your hips back. Your back should be long and straight while you ride. If you find yourself rounding your back, your abs may not yet be strong enough to hold you in proper form. (That's okay. You will get there. You will get stronger each ride).

When I used to personally train my clients, I would work on strengthening their rear delts and teach them stretches to open up their chest in order to straighten their posture. I would additionally work on strengthening their cores because I found so many of them had strong legs but cores of spaghetti. Believe me when I say I saw bad posture in my 18 year olds and my 55 year olds. Good exercises off the bike (that don't require any equipment) are the cat/cow yoga poses and superman exercises on the floor. (If you don't know what these are, I will be happy to show you!) These two particular exercises will help you with back extension and additionally strengthen your core which will help you with your posture on and off the bike. 

It is my opinion that one of the many culprits of our bad posture is due to the use of cell phones. Think about it for a second.  We are always looking down at our phones which often times rounds our backs and shoulders. We slouch in our chairs as we read messages. We walk around the city looking down at our phones not being aware of our terrible posture. Part of the problem simply being that we are not present and/or body aware. We are focused on the information in front of us and overtime this can do harm to the body and form really bad habits. 

I challenge you this week to take your good form on the bike to real life. You can think of me as your little general (haha-that's what my family used to call me as I was the oldest sibling) while you ride and while you walk the streets of C-Bus. As the little general would say, "Straighten up! Roll those shoulders back and down!, Abs tight! Chest out! Walk with confidence! Ride with confidence! You got this!"

As always, if you have any questions, kindly let me know. In the meantime, I hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful week! 

Let's Go Bucks!



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