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Many of you have come to me this week asking me about cycling shoes so I decided to dedicate this post to to all of you out there who haven't taken the plunge!

For those of you that I have not talked to and are debating buying cycling shoes I will tell you that they are completely worth the investment! You won't regret it!  Cycling shoes provide:  Comfort; Alignment; and higher POWER on the bike. 

First, lets talk about comfort. Do you have some cramping in your tennis shoes while you ride? Do your toes sometimes go a little numb? Do your feet slide around a little bit in the cages? Well, part of the problem is simply foot position on the bike. If you have bigger feet, you are pushing more through your toes and if you have smaller feet you could be pushing more through your arches. However, if you are clipped-in with your cycling shoes, your feet will be in the perfect position to push through the ball of the foot and you will be more comfortable. 

Next, let's take a moment to chat about alignment. At the beginning of my class, you may hear me say, "Everyone look down at your feet. Can you see them? This is the only time I want you looking down during your ride." I am having everyone look down to realign the position of your knees. When you are clipped-in you will have perfect alignment of the knees; ankles, and feet.

Lastly, POWER...(dun.dun.dun.) Who doesn't want more power? Duh?! Cycling shoes have super stiff soles not soft ones like tennis shoes have which absorb power. When riding with cycling shoes, the power of the leg is pushed straight through the pedal allowing you to put on even more resistance, therefore creating more power and upping your ENERGY! I also believe that you can really focus on your muscles better with clip-ins completely feeling the push/pull of your quadriceps and hamstrings and better able to feel the isolation of your glutes and core.

When Mark and I were in the planning stages of opening Cycle614 we debated supplying our fitness community shoes. In no way did we want to nickel and dime you so going through our pros and cons we decided against it. I have rode at studios that rent shoes and have had good experience and eh' not so good experiences with their rentals. For any of you that own your own cycling shoes, you know that your shoes are personal fit your feet. Some of the shoes that I rented at other studios were worn out and loose but a requirement to use at those studios.

When you are ready to graduate from your tennis shoes to cycling shoes will be the difference of night and day for your ride. I know that there may be a little anxiety at first with "clipping in" and "clipping out" but we will help you! So have no fear! We've all been there!

If you are ready to take the plunge to get your shoes and have purchased a package from us, let guest services know and we will give you a coupon to roll.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! As always, if you should have any questions or concerns, kindly let me know!

Let's Go Bucks!



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Bailey Foxall
Bailey Foxall
Fitness cycling studio is best for all people. After the observation of aussie essays people can make schedule for whole week to do exercise on time. They can manage time for regular exercise and can join fitness cycling studio.