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Sometimes I have to remind myself to get out of my own damn way. Do you guys know what I mean? I am sometimes the biggest culprit of setting my limitations. We all have that little negative voice sometimes saying that "I can't do it." 

In our Ride Room, you really have a chance to push through your personal limitations. Take a climbing hill for example. This is a moment in your ride that you can push yourself past your boundaries. The idea here is to not bullshit yourself. The idea is to turn up the resistance and climb. The idea is to feel the uncomfortable. The idea is to push yourself and get out of your own damn way. Why? Why in the world would you WANT to make yourself feel uncomfortable? Because I believe AMAZING things happen outside of your comfort zone! When you learn to push yourself past your boundaries and get the heck out of your way... you start to trust in yourself more. You start to believe in yourself more and you start to NEVER underestimate your capabilities again!

Let's take the bike to real life approach. This past weekend, I had a cousin come visit me with one of the most open minds I've ever experienced. His motto, if you will, was the idea of saying "Yes" to everything I invited him to do. It's a simple idea but actually quite phenomenal not to mention gusty as hell. Well, needless to say I invited him ride in my class at Cycle614. He had never taken a indoor cycling class in his life and was probably quite intimidated. The thing is...He did it anyway because he kept an open mind, he put himself out there and he DID IT!

I challenge you this week to try that something new! I challenge you to turn up the resistance and climb that hill! I challenge you to push through your boundaries and be AMAZING!

As always, if you should have any questions or concerns, kindly let me know! Happy Monday! Happy November (can you believe it?!)! Go out and conquer your day!




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