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So, this week, one of our clients, Hope (who is such a wonderful soul), inspired me to write this post. Hope handed me a blank note and  said, "I am doing 30 days OF GRATEFULNESS CHALLENGE and writing a hand-written thank you note is number one on the list." Her idea was to pass that challenge on to me. I thought, who better to write a note of gratitude to but to YOU-OUR CYCLE614 COMMUNITY. 

Dear Cycle614 Community,

Just over a year ago I was going through a very hard time in life. Not your everyday kind of hard stuff...really, really heavy hard stuff.  I believe that we all have "our turn" for the sucky things in life to happen to us and it was my turn to endure the pain. I tried to take my time everyday to be grateful for the people and things I had in my life but what I really needed was something really really good to happen. I prayed for it everyday because I really really needed it. 

Lucky for me, I had people in my life who loved me. These amazing people believed in me so much that I started to believe in myself again too. They literally made me see the sun through the clouds. They had my back with no hidden agenda and only wanted the best for me. Forever I will be grateful and forever I will pay forward for what these people did for me. 

My dear friend, Mark, was one of these people. We started planning Cycle614 during this difficult time. As I remember, we sat down in one of our first meetings together and we said that we wanted to open a studio where people felt like they belonged. (A sort of Cheers of studios, if you will-By the way, young people, Cheers was a great show from the 80s/90's "Where Everyone Knew Your Name."). Our studio would be about more than just a great workout. Our studio would be more than just the first indoor cycling studio in Columbus. We would be special. Our idea was to create a community to bring like-minded people together. We wanted the novice and the elite athlete to be challenged yet ride as one -"ride as a tribe."Our theory was that we all have the common purpose of bettering ourselves. We are all in it together. Our studio would have a non-pretentious vibe. Everyone would be welcomed with open arms. Our studio  would be about creating a place where people left feeling better about themselves and ultimately putting more goodness into our world. This was our goal.

I want to give you all a sincere THANK YOU. You helped make that really, really good thing happen for me-Cycle614.  YOU are what makes Cycle614 so special! You sincerely bring joy to my life every single day by bringing your good vibes with you. You make me laugh. You inspire me to be better. Your good energy is contagious. We sweat together and we grow together.  Thank you Mark. Thank you Team. Thank you Community.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with much love, laughter and happiness! Like Hope, I now challenge you to write a heartfelt thank you to someone. We can all do one little thing a day to make this world a better place. HAPPIEST OF WEEK'S TO YOU ALL!





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