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Cycle 614

1636 Northwest Boulevard, Columbus Ohio 43212



We have ample parking in our parking lot. However, if classes are full, parking may be tight and you may have to park offsite. Good news, we have secured overflow parking at a few of our neighbors.

Park here if our lot is full:
•Chesapeake Avenue (just north of us)
•Northwest Boulevard
•West side of the street in the evenings
•East side of the street in the mornings
•Either side on weekends
•Donato’s  in the morning (must be out of their lot by 11 a.m.)
•Purrfect Cat Care (in the evenings)

Do not park:
•Nong’s parking (when orange cones are out)
•Behind the apartment complex next door
•Renali  Painting (in the alley)
•Studio Elements (across  the street)

These folks will tow you.

Have a question for us? Let us know!
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