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Cycle614 Blog

Welcome to Cycle614!

Check out this page for tips on how best to get started at Cycle614. Learn how to create your account, buy packages, schedule classes, cancel classes, book a private class, where to park and more!

How do I get started?

  1. Create your account. The CREATE ACCOUNT link is on the upper right side of our home page.

  2. You must put ride packages in your account before you can sign up for class. Remember, your first ride is free. Go to the "Packages" page to find that promotion. You will also find all our ride packages there.

  3. Go to the "Book the Bike" page to find our schedule. Click on the class you want. A map of the bike room will come up. Click on the bike you want and you are set.

  4. You'll need workout clothes, athletic shoes (or bike shoes with a standard SPD clip) and water.

  5. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your first class so we can get you set up.

  6. We highly encourage you to bring your own clip-in cycling shoes (our pedals have a standard SPD, 2-bolt clip). We believe that indoor cycling shoes are a personal fit so we do not provide or rent them. Athletic shoes will also work with our pedals.

  8. See our FAQ page for more information!

If you are a first-time rider, please arrive no later than 15 minutes before class so we can set you up properly. If you arrive less than five minutes before your class starts (or after the class starts), you will not be able to participate in your class. The bike room is dark and the bikes are very close together so it is extremely difficult to set someone up after class starts. If you are late, we will be happy to schedule you for a later class and let you use your free ride then.

If you are a new rider or new to indoor cycling, there are a couple of things you should know. Safety always comes first at Cycle614. Remember, this is YOUR ride. Even though your instructor will coach you and you will be aware of what other riders are doing, always listen to your body. Only do what you can do. There is no judgement. The important part is that you showed up and the key is to get the best workout for you. Stick with it and you will get stronger with each class. It's also important to stay hydrated. So, drink plenty of water before, during and after your ride.
Cycling Instructors at Cycle614 in Columbus, OH
The Team of Instructors at Cycle614 in Columbus, OH

Cancelling a Class

We realize life happens so we have a very liberal cancellation policy. If you must cancel, please cancel no later than 2 hours prior to the start of class. If you don't cancel at least two hours before class starts, it will cost you a ride. However, we don't want to be total jerks about it. If you have a legitimate excuse, we'll let you slide and put the ride back into your account (unless the class has a waiting list and you keep someone out of the class). All you have to do is email us at info@cycle614.com. Bribes will not be accepted.


Here's how you cancel:

  • Go the home page of our website and log in.

  • Click on the "MyAccount" link.

  • Click on the "My Schedule" tab.

  • Click on "cancel" on the far right after the class listing.

Parking Information for Cycle614 in Columbus, OH

Where do I park?

Park here when our lot is full:

  • Chesapeake Avenue (just north of us)
  • Northwest Boulevard
    • West side of the street in the evenings
    • East side of the street in the mornings
    • Either side on weekends
  • Donato’s in the morning (must be out of their lot by 11 a.m.)
  • Purrfect Cat Care (in the evenings)

Do not park here:

  • Nong’s parking (when orange cones are out)
  • Firestone
  • Behind the apartment complex next door
  • Renali Painting (in the alley)
  • Studio Elements (across the street)

These folks will tow you.

The Team in Front of Cycle614 in Columbus, OH

Interested in a private event?

Would you like to schedule a private event? Team building for work or fun? Want a unique way to entertain clients?  Fundraising for a good cause? Just have a bunch of friends who want to have fun? Well, a private ride at Cycle614 may be just for you. Want details? Email us at info@cycle614.com.