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Cycle614 Presents: The Cycle614 Tune-In Program!

Wellness Coach, Alessandra, and Life Coach, Julie, will guide you on this journey (Lincoln will be making guest appearances)

Watch a special message from Julie, Alessandra and Lincoln.

Get this amazing program for


Yeah, we said "tune-in," not "tune-up," because you're not broken and you don't need to be fixed!

Starts January 2!


Cycle614 Tune-In is a guided and supported 6-week (virtual) wellness program to help you tune into mind, tune into body and tune into YOU!

This isn't your average health and wellness program and it's certainly not another New Year's "diet." It's a Cycle614 Rock Star inspired love your body, live your life holistic health and wellness program developed by our instructors: Health Coach Julie Wojno and Wellness Coach Alessandra Rogers.

What it's not:
A quick-fix diet.

No more restriction. No more deprivation. No more punishment. Instead? A whole lot more listening, compassion and love.

Ever feel like you're at war with food? Or like you've tried every single freaking diet out there and all it does is leave you feeling more obsessed with food and more at war with your body? Ever feel like you spend way more time than you want worrying about food choices, workout routines and body image? If so, then this program is for you. You'll launch into the new year with a whole new set of tools to nourish, move and love your body like never before.

The Tune-In Tribe will have a private Facebook group led by Julie and Alessandra. We'll kick things of with vision and goal setting. From there, Julie and Alessandra will guide you through the program week by week.

What can you expect week by week? Topics ranging from ways to nourish your body to balance your blood sugar and reduce inflammation to honoring your hunger and fullness - even an entire week dedicated to body appreciation and love. We'll dish out the info and then provide you with a specific action step to focus on each week.

What does it include:
  • Sunday videos on a specific health/wellness topic and action step for the week ahead
  • 6 fun recipes to try each week (2 snacks, 2 breakfasts and 2 dinner ideas to try!)
  • A weekly at-home strength workout video led by Alessandra that you can do right in your living room
  • A weekly, easy at-home yoga sequence led by Julie to stretch out after the cycling and strength
  • Empowering support in the Facebook group and around the studio from Julie, Alessandra and the whole Tune-in Tribe to cheer you on AND hold you accountable
So, what are you waiting for? Let's tackle those 2018 goals together! Say yes to you!